Colby Julian

I grew up in a small midwestern town with no tattoo culture. I have always had a love for art, but my original interest in pursuing a career in tattooing began as a teenager. As an adult, I studied fine art and earned a Master’s degree at Eastern Illinois University. This education is the foundation on which my tattoos are built.
My tattoo career began in 2014; I spent a year tattooing around Indianapolis, IN, four years at a shop in Charleston, IL, and am now happy to be continuing my career here at Heroes and Ghosts Tattoo in Richmond, VA.
I enjoy tattooing various styles but my best work comes from color illustrative/new school tattoos. This is where I can really explore dynamics using lighting, color, and movement within my compositions. Consultations can be made with me in the shop or by emailing I look forward to making some great tattoos with you!

Instagram: @at3kidd13